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Here are the main reasons why you should choose ARGUS EstateMaster for your property development, investment and valuation software needs, rather than use another product or try and develop your own.

Reason #1: Designed by Property Professionals

ARGUS EstateMaster software incorporates best practice and experience learnt from servicing the industry for more than 20 years. Our solutions have become the industry standard and are used by over 20,000 users around the world.

Reason #2: Flexible and Easy to-Use

Designed around a powerful, flexible and easy to use spreadsheet interface allowing you to apply many of the formulas and functions found in Microsoft Excel making for quicker input.

Reason #3: Enforces Consistency, Transparency and Efficiency

The platform establishes and enforces a common and transparent corporate approach for your analysis and reporting, Formulas are locked and organisation-wide preferences can be set. A standard template maintains consistency making peer review of assumptions easier and the wide spread use of the software increases efficiency within your organisation and across external stakeholders.

Reason #4: Minimise Errors

Studies show that 88% of user-developed Excel spreadsheets contain formula errors. ARGUS EstateMaster follows strict development disciplines such as multi-party programming, design and testing by dedicated financial modelling experts and beta testing by our 20,000+ user base to ensure the highest quality software product for our users.

Reason #5: An Integrated Solution

ARGUS EstateMaster products can be used separately or they can be integrated as a suite to provide better information throughout the lifecycle of your development and investment projects. In addition, our products have been developed to seamlessly integrate with other third party applications allowing you to easily use alongside your internal systems.

Reason #6: Adaptable & Scalable

Our individual products are pre-integrated allowing you the flexibility to focus on an area of the property lifecycle or to create a single platform for full lifecycle visibility. This provides you a solution that can be adapted and managed to work on both small-scale and large scale projects and clients.

Reason #7: Reduce Risk

The ARGUS EstateMaster products calculate key performance indicators and include detailed sensitivity and probability analysis tools that allow you to assess the impact of changes in various inputs and assumptions. Detailed what-if, scenario and probability analysis can all be easily performed to assess your development risk. Multi option scenario analysis can also be performed to compare, side by side, up to 8 different options to achieve the best financial outcome for your development site.

Reason #8: Ready to Use

ARGUS EstateMaster represents a time-and-cost-saving alternative, whether you are building new spreadsheets for each job or maintaining complex in-house systems. ARGUS EstateMaster is an out-of-the-box platform with the flexibility to be adjusted to your requirements, and rapidly used on new jobs. We maintain the software for you, and keep it current with industry movements.

Reason #9: Facilitates Business Intelligence

Leverage the key variables, forecasts and historical data that you will accumulate in ARGUS EstateMaster to drive your overall corporate Business Intelligence initiatives.

Reason #10: Cost Effective Solution

ARGUS EstateMaster is a cost effective ‘out of the box’ solution that enables you to maximise your time and costs by being confident in the tools you are using. This allows you to focus on the inputs and outputs rather than the calculations within the model you are using.

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