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Colliers outlines key shopping district themes


Now could be the time to consider the feasibility of retail investments, especially in the luxury retail sector.

Luxury retail is serving as a vehicle for growth in numerous sectors across the globe, according to a report from Colliers International. In addition to this, the sector itself is continuing to expand.

Colliers noted several key themes in the sector, across 125 shopping districts in 50 countries.

Benefiting from income gains

Luxury retailers are currently benefiting from income gains in cities across the world - especially among the top earners in top global markets. Colliers noted that Paris, New York, London and a number of key cities in Asia were the key drivers.

The effects of e-commerce

Colliers also pointed to e-commerce as a trend impacting both standard and luxury retailers in areas across the globe, especially when it comes to exerting pressure on merchants.

Retailers need to become more creative with how they actually operate in the e-commerce space - something that can be difficult when others are trying to achieve similar goals.

"One popular strategy is to transform stores into product showrooms in an attempt to entice greater foot traffic and additional online sales," Colliers explained.

Looking ahead

The Colliers report finished by outlining that there is a generally positive outlook because of the economic recovery in the US, along with strong job growth in other parts of the world.

The retail sector is certainly going to continue evolving over the course of the next year, especially as trends like e-commerce start to have a larger impact. 

It's certainly an opportune time to consider moving into the retail space.

Date Published: 23 Jan 2015
Category: General News

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