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Do you have the right investment appraisal tools?


Property investment is a thrilling prospect for many, and one that can certainly come with handsome rewards for those who make the right choices in the market. However, even the most daring investor will welcome any tools and measures that are available to help reduce risk, which is why making use of property valuation software is often a sensible idea.

So what makes property software such a valuable tool for the modern investor? The best software packages allow users to work with the systems and processes they are already familiar, yet add a technological boost to provide a much-needed edge of accuracy and efficiency. 

Many investors, for instance, want to use their own Excel models for forecasting. While this remains a convenient solution, it can be riddled with errors and inconsistencies - and investment appraisal software such as Estate Master helps to drastically mitigate this possibility. It provides users with the outputs they need while saving time and lowering risk and mistakes.

What's more, these solutions are incredibly flexible, allowing them to adapt to different circumstances as necessary. From modelling cash flows to what-if analysis, users can benefit from models that provide different frameworks for different structures and quickly determine the impact on ROI, for example. Investors are this equipped with everything they need, performing the usual tasks - and more - while eliminating the risk side of things.

The end result is that users can spend more time on what matters - such as conducting analyses - without being bogged down by the back-end work.

Software such as the Investment and Valuation Suite from Estate Master therefore makes even the toughest investment appraisal a cinch. Estate Master's powerful software takes the often difficult analysis of income capitalisation and discounted cash flow (DCF) to gauge a property's purchase and disposal values. These figures are calculated based on rental cash flow, which can be forecast for periods of up to 40 years.

With DCF one of the most crucial calculations to get right, Estate Master's Investment Appraisal tool ensures nothing is left to chance when you're generating these figures. The software can produce monthly and yearly DCF reports, taking into account income and expenditure as acquisition and sale values.

Key indicators such as the internal rate of return (IRR) are simply to measure. The software is powerful and flexible enough to meet all forecasting needs - for example, the purchase price required to achieve a target IRR.

Add informative charts and reporting that convey the information generated in a clear and easy-to-digest format, and you have everything you need to make the most informed investment decision.

Date Published: 19 Sep 2014
Category: General News

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