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Which country ranked first for property investment?


What is the best country for property investment? One real estate consultancy believes it may have the answer. In a recent report by international real estate advisor, Savills, the US was labelled the best country for property investment.

It is followed closely by the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, United Kingdom and Spain rounding off the top five nations in which to invest in real estate.

US best place invest, says new study

The report, World Residential Investability Ranking, ranked the US as the best place for property investment, with Savills stating it was the clear choice due to economic growth and market recovery potential.

Savills' report showcases tech-cities, like Silicon Valley, as the best places to invest in property. The report highlights four key areas: Los Angeles, Miami, New York and San Francisco.

Dubai, Singapore and London were also tipped for having prime real estate opportunities.

Who's providing the capital?

CBRE indicates that Chinese investors are driving the high investment rates in the US. It recently reported that the first half of 2015 saw record levels of Chinese investment into the US property market, already more than 1.5 times that of the total annual amount in 2014. 

"This year we have really seen Asian outbound investment broaden with the US overtaking the UK as the preferred destination - US inflows this year are already at 90 per cent of last year's total," says Marc Giuffrida, executive director at CBRE Capital Markets.

Despite record levels and high potential, Savills advises future investors to proceed with caution, as the feasibility of the property within the US varies from city to city.

LA is showcased as a key investment opportunity.A new report highlights LA as a key investment opportunity, alongside other US cities.

Not all cities are equal

"There is a world of difference within the USA between top tech cities and languishing rustbelt ones."

With the vast differences in a country like the US, conducting a property feasibility assessment can help facilitate control and security of your investment. 

"There is a world of difference within the USA between top tech cities and languishing rustbelt ones," says Director of Savills World Research, Yolande Barnes.

"It is vital that investors understand the long term demographic, economic and supply-side drivers of demand - and therefore sustainable value - when making investment decisions. These can be different at national and local level."

Ensuring that you have undertaken thorough property development planning is essential for return on investment. In turn, the market of the country you wish to invest in must be analysed and understood. The US is a prime example, with large variances between cities. 

Date Published: 16 Sep 2015
Category: General News

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