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Bridging the gap between skills and knowledge


Custom Education, tailored by industry need, can be a vital part of both industry and personal improvement in an environment that is growing much more conscious of developing work related skills than broad industry knowledge.

In an opinion piece in this morning’s AFR - Steve Vamos, current President of the Society for Knowledge Economics, reflects on his time at IBM; stressing the difference between skill and knowledge, and how industry needs to take more responsibility for industry development. He points out that personal development is often observed as 70% experience, 20% mentoring and 10% education. But for that 10% to have an impact, it must be conscious of the other two elements. He quotes that a “Positive developments in recent times include the continued growth in custom education, and more ‘integrative’ cross-disciplinary approaches that bring students, academics and industry together in innovative labs, enabling students to engage with real problems and challenges.”

Martin Hill, CEO and Founder of Estate Master Property Software say “Our Corporate Training allows us to tailor courses to the specific and unique needs of corporates and their management staff. This includes setting up case studies based on active projects within a corporation and engaging staff across multiple divisions to identify their needs and develop practical solutions. This includes mapping the chart of accounts to budgets and forecasts, establishing a “corporate way” of analysis with selected modelling, accounting and financial preferences to adopt. This targeted education approach is highly effective in staff buy in and sustainable corporate knowledge.

Date Published: 07 Feb 2012
Category: General News

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