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Estate Master's Goal Seek Function


If you have a certain target or threshold within a section of your project you cannot exceed, you can use Estate Master's Goal Seek function to ensure you do not reach these thresholds.

Estate Master's Goal Seek function works just like Goal Seek in Excel.

For example; let's say in Estate Master DF, you have to ensure that the balance of one of your loans cannot exceed $60 million - as your loan is already exceeding its facility limit with the accrual of interest, injections and refinancing.

Simply open Estate Master's Goal Seek, and choose the Loan's 'Peak Exposure' in the Summary Sheet as your 'Set Cell'.

Then type in your $60 million threshold into 'To Value'.

Then highlight the 'By Changing Cell' field and choose a section of your model you are willing to alter to reach this target. In this case, we will choose the Equity's fixed limit in the Input Sheet; to gauge how much equity we need to put in the project to ensure the loan balance never exceeds $60 million.

Once you press OK, Estate Master will manipulate your Equity Facility Limit until it reaches the target you require.

This procedure is not fool proof; there will be scenarios where the target required cannot mathematically be reached. And it is important to note that whenever your project changes; so will your loan balances and you will have to repeat this process.

But this can be a very useful tool to ensure you stay within parameters your project requires.

Date Published: 11 Dec 2013
Category: Hints and Tips

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