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Introducing the New Investment Appraisal Online Course


We have now released and published our IA Online Training. We cover the training across five different modules:

  1. Module 1: Course Introduction
  2. Module 2: Valuation Theory and Lease Terms
    • A review of what ‘Investment Appraisal’ is
    • Theory of income capitalisation and DCF valuation approaches
    • Lease terminology and application
  3. Module 3: Exploring IA
    • Demonstration of the basic functions of Estate Master IA, including:
    • Inputting data and setting preferences
    • Using the ‘Tenants’ worksheet to enter lease information
    • Interpreting the different reports
  4. Module 4: Case Study
    • Inputting tenancy data for a commercial office building in Estate Master IA to forecast its long-term cash flow
    • Determining an optimum acquisition price for the property
    • Using DCF and Capitalisation approaches to value the building
  5. Module 5: Certification Exam
    • 60 questions (mixture of fill in the blank, multiple choice, etc)
    • 60 min time limit to ensure its finished within a practical time

Our online training gives you the flexibility to learn all about our software at a time that is convenient to you. Try it out today.

Date Published: 10 Dec 2013

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