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Nurturing and fostering students’ education into the property industry


University Western SydneyTim Peisley, Estate Master’s National Training Manager, has recently presented and showcased Estate Master Property Software to more than 20 Malaysian local government property valuers who visited University of Western Sydney (UWS). The aim of the visit is to learn about the "relationship between the Property Group students’ engagement experience with the property industry in Australia, and how they exchange knowledge and learn skills from each other’s experiences”.  University of Western Sydney has a long relationship with Estate Master through our university partnership program (UPP) as we work to nurture and foster the students’ education and integration into the property industry.

UPP Estate MasterEstate Master is aware of the increasing demand for industry ready students with the ability to read and interpret feasibility studies, and it is also providing a number of accessible and diverse programs and solutions to help candidates to become industry ready. If you are a student or a university lecturer, you can check out the University Partnership Program UPP and how Estate Master is helping you to require the expertise and qualification the industry demands. The UPP program provides with an online certification course including a 3 month academic software licence. 

Date Published: 02 Dec 2014

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