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University Partnership Program welcomes the Tecnnisches Universitat Dortmund


Tecnnisches Universitat DortmundThe EstateMaster University Partnership Program (UPP) was conceived over 7 years ago and since then the program has developed strong relationship with real estate faculties and students. The aim of the UPP is to deliver high quality training and education to both students and lecturers, drawing on knowledge obtained from changes within the industry. EstateMaster’s vision for the University Partnership Program is to set up students for successful careers in the real estate arena.

On asking CEO Martin Hill, about why EstateMaster has put so much time into the development of the UPP, he says: ‘I wanted to bridge the gap between industry and academia. To bring everyone together and to provide our property leaders of tomorrow with the skills they need today’.

Since the program’s inception and following on from its continued success in Australia, EstateMasters UPP has grown to include universities, colleges and other educational institutions across the Asia Pacific, African, Middle Eastern and European continents.

Today, EstateMaster is pleased to welcome another university into the program, this time coming from Germany. Dr. Michael Nadler, from The Tecnnisches Universitat Dortmund, is excited about joining the UPP. Dr. Nadler says: ‘it’s incredible to find a solution like EstateMaster that is so powerful in its functionality and reporting, yet so simple to use and understand. This is truly ground breaking for property developers’.

As the program expands further, EstateMaster looks forward to contributing more, not only to students but to the property industry as well, through providing better services and increased educational opportunities.

For more information on the program please visit:

Date Published: 16 Apr 2015
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