System Requirements

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Recommended Hardware Specifications

To install and operate EstateMaster the following hardware is recommended as a general guideline:

Hardware For PCs and Notebooks For Terminal Servers (CAS Licenses only)


PC with an Intel Core 2 Duo (3GHz) or Quad (2.4Ghz) minimum processor (or equivalent)

Multiple Dual or Quad Core Processors with a CPU clock speed of at least 2.8Ghz.


4GB RAM recommended minimum.

16GB RAM per server (or approx 2GB/user) recommended minimum.

Display Resolution

1024x768 (1680x1050 or higher recommended)

1024x768 (1680x1050 or higher recommended)


Internet connectivity (for software license activation)

Internet connectivity (for software license activation)
A recommended maximum of 30 users/server

Note to Apple Mac Users
EstateMaster can only run on Mac's via a Windows Virtualization tool such as VMware or Parallels. Click here for more information.

Software Prerequisites

To install and operate EstateMaster the following hardware is recommended as a general guideline:

Software For PCs/Notebooks/Terminal Servers running the EstateMaster Software

MS Windows 

Any Windows Operating System that supports Microsoft .Net Framework 4.6 (Microsoft Windows Vista SP2 Pro or later -or- Microsoft Windows Server 2008 or later)

Net Framework

.Net Framework 4.6


SQL Server 2008 (or higher) or Express Edition (if using the optional EstateMaster Enterprise Database)

Additional Software Downloads

Microsoft .Net Framework

Before you can install and use EstateMaster, you have to make sure that the Microsoft .Net framework has been installed on your computer. Any machine can operate EstateMaster as long as it supports the .Net Framework.

Check .Net Framework Version

Download .Net Framework 4.6

SQL Server Express Edition

Microsoft SQL Server Express Editions are the free, easy-to-use, lightweight version of SQL Server.

Before installing any version of SQL Express, it is recommended that you check with your IT or Database Administrators to see if any existing instances of SQL Server are installed on your network and can be used for the EstateMaster Enterprise Database.

Please be aware that the free SQL Server Express Editions have limitations on database size, so for larger enterprises, we recommend using Workgroup, Standard or  Enterprise Editions.

SQL Server Express 2012

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