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Focus on Property Software

EstateMaster are specialist in property software employing not only computer programmers but also property professional in valuation, mathematics, finance and economics to peer review the product development and its testing. This experience now covers 20 years of property software development and a reputation as being an industry standard for property development software.

Agile Software Development

EstateMaster follows an iterative approach to software development known as ‘Agile'. It is based on developing software by incremental steps called "Sprints", allowing for smaller and more frequent updates to the software that are continuously tested. It promotes a more disciplined project management process, constant code refactoring (code improvements) and more interaction from key stakeholders (internal and external), thus resulting in the rapid delivery of higher-quality software.

Application Lifecycle Management

EstateMaster employs an application lifecycle management (ALM) tool called Software Planner. This proprietary tool manages all components of software development including managing customer requirements, project deliverables, test cases and defects. In conjunction with (CRM), EstateMaster uses these tools to document and track the progress of all client feedback in relation to possible defects and proposed new feature requests.

Peer Review by External Experts

Periodically, EstateMaster is subjected to a peer review of software process and development by independent Microsoft consultancy firm SSW (Superior Software for Windows). SSW is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner headed by Adam Cogan, a Microsoft Regional Director. They assess the robustness of functionality and fit of product to the current and future Microsoft development platforms.


Agile Testing

During the programming phase, each portion of new or updated code is subjected to iterative testing. Developers do not proceed to the next programming task until the Test Cases that have been written for the current task have successfully passed, ensuring quality is achieved from an end customer's perspective

Alpha (Internal) Testing

Our models follow an in-house peer review called Alpha Testing whereby tiger teams of property professionals load example case studies to validate formulae and product functionality. They also speed test and overstress the models to test its capacity limits to advice on safe working levels and potential configuration conflicts that may occur in variable scenarios.

Beta External Testing

All products are released to a selection of clients for fielding tests as a Beta release. This usually occurs for a 6-week period and is a final review of the product prior to final release.

Continued User Testing

The generic model approach allows for a single product to be continually tested and questioned by a large user base. Provided the client remains supported, the product is continually enhanced. Given the sophistication of the various product models (IA, HF, DF DM & CC) there are a magnitude of permutations of possible configuration including tax, financing, escalations and hurdle rate analysis. Our support desks field daily questions of software use and computation by our large user base. Where configuration conflicts may arise our team is ready to assess and where necessary provide updates or workaround solutions.

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