Software licensing

License Types

User/PC License

A 'User/PC License' allows a single person to install, register and operate ARGUS EstateMaster on a single computer (desktop or laptop) only. Data files may be stored on the computer or on a server.

If more than one computer requires ARGUS EstateMaster  to be installed and registered on it, whether for the same person (who holds a user licence on another computer) or for a different person, this constitutes an 'Additional User/PC Licence' and an additional fee is payable. For example, if a single person requires EstateMaster on their PC, and also on their portable laptop, this constitutes two (2) User/PC Licenses.

This licence type is suitable for:

  • Single users

  • Small-medium organisations where all the users need access to the software very frequently

  • Small-medium organisations where there is no dedicated IT department or no server infrastructure to support the CAS Licences


Important Note
User/PC Licences are only available for PCs/Notebooks and cannot be used on Servers.

CAS (Concurrent Access Session) Licences

A 'CAS License' (Concurrent Access Session) allows for the use of the ARGUS EstateMaster software by multiple users simultaneously on the same network.

The software is installed on individual computers. A Licence Server application is installed on another machine on the same network to control access to the software on the individual computers based on the number of CAS licenses.

This licence type is suitable for:

  • Organisations where the users need access to the software infrequently and the licences can be shared between multiple users on the same LAN

  • Organisations that wish to wish have concurrent licensing options but do not have a Terminal Server

  • Organisations that have a Terminal Server Farm


Important Note For using a Floating Licence over a WAN
The Client-Server (Floating) CAS Licence uses UDP Broadcasting to establish a communication with the Network Licence Server and the client machines running EstateMaster.  Over a WAN/VPN, these broadcast messages typically are not received by the server due to network configurations blocking this type of communication (e.g. firewalls, routers, etc). A Licence Server Finder utility is available to manually specify the IP address of your server in this scenario, which may resolve this issue in most cases.

License Terms

Perpetual License

A perpetual license is a one-time license fee that allows continued use of the software program for as long as the customer complies with all terms of the license agreement. The software can upgraded to the latest version if an ARGUS EstateMaster Annual Software Maintenance contract is held for that license.

Important Note: Perpetual licenses are currently no longer available to purchase.

Subscription License

Also known as 'Non-Perpetual' licenses, subscription licenses are temporary and provide the right to use a particular licensed product until the end of the license agreement term. The license will expire on a certain date (normally a year after purchase) and the software will not be able to run any more unless the contract is renewed/extended.

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