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Development Feasibility

Development Feasibility (DF) helps you to calculate - with ease and accuracy – each of the key performance indicators for development appraisals and feasibility studies. Profit Margin, Residual Land Value, NPV and IRR to name just a few – all precisely quantified.

Key Features

Residual Land Values

Evaluate the residual land value for acquisition/disposal/valuation purposes based on hypothetical development scenarios.

Feasibility Analysis

Financially appraise property development opportunities and test the feasibility of any type of project - residential, commercial, retail.

KPI Forecasting

Calculate key investment performance indicators, such as Residual Land Value, Profit, Margin, NPV and IRR.

Scenario Analysis

Conduct multi-option scenario analysis to determine the best financial outcome for your development site.

Joint Ventures

Model Joint Venture arrangements to calculate returns to two different parties (Developer & Land Owner) and assist in negotiations.

Financial Reporting

Produce detailed reports that show break-even dates, funding exposures and LVR's to assist in procuring project finance.

Risk Management

Quantify and manage development risk by testing the sensitivity of key variables such as construction time, sales values and interest.

Multl-Stage Consolidation

Segment a project into separate stages/phases and then consolidate them to analyse them in isolation and as a whole project.

Professional Reporting

Generate standard corporate reporting for feasibility studies and valuation reports that is industry recognised and accepted.

Who is it for ?


Preparing accurate development appraisals to get the best financial outcome. Learn More »

Valuers & Consultants

Calculating the Residual Land Value and advising on the most viable options. Learn More »


Test a project's feasibility and its sensitivity on key variables before providing funding. Learn More »

Integration Modules

Office Links - Microsoft Excel

Link EstateMaster models with external MS Excel Workbooks to fetch live data and automate data input or building custom reports.

Office Links - Microsoft Word

Instantly update fields in MS Word Documents with outputs generated from EstateMaster models to help automate corporate reporting.

EstateMaster Enterprise Database

A data management solution designed in Microsoft SQL Server where EstateMaster data can be stored in a secure database.

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