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Investment Appraisal (IA) is a property valuation and investment analysis tool that uses Income Capitalisation and Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) analysis to accurately appraise a property’s purchase and disposal values based on its rental cash flow forecast for up to 40 years.

Key Features

Tenancy Schedules

Analyse up to 500 tenancies, with lease variables such as Outgoings and Recoverables, Turnover Rents and Thresholds, Incentives, Terms, Options, Reletting Fees, Escalation Rates and Rental Reviews.

DCF Analysis

Generate a monthly and yearly Discounted Cash Flow for up to 40 years for an investment property, reporting on income, expenditure, vacancies, annual yields, NPV, IRR and acquisition and sale values.

Income Capitalisation

Specify capitalisation rates for each component of a property and calculate it's capital value based on passing income, fully leased income, net market income and reversionary market income.

Capex Forecasting

Forecast capital expenditure over the life of the investment, such as major maintenance works and refurbishments, and analyse its impact on an investments cash flow and terminal sale value.

Investment Analysis

Assess the feasibility of a property investment based on key performance indicators such as the Internal Rate of Return, Net Present Value, Weighted Lease Duration and Initial and Equivalent yields.

Fund Management

Analyse investor returns, taking into account debt leverage, management fees and distributions. Monitor the adequacy of working capital and the interest coverage ratio based on projected cash flow.

Sensitivity Testing

Test the sensitivity of key variables such as the discount rate and capitalisation rates and analyse their impact on the purchase value and terminal sale value.

Informative Charts

Generate charts that display the top tenants and uses by income and area, annual lease expiry profiles outgoing cost comparisons and escalation comparisons.

Professional Reporting

Provide an overall snapshot of the valuation, investment performance and key metrics of a property asset through the Executive Summary and other standard reports.

Who is it for ?

Valuers & Consultants

Provide accurate valuations and forecasts while following industry standards. Learn More »


Accurate financial modelling to help make the right investment decisions. Learn More »

Asset & Fund Managers

Knowing what your assets are worth and managing your investment portfolio. Learn More »

Integration Modules

Office Links - Microsoft Excel

Link EstateMaster models with external MS Excel Workbooks to fetch live data and automate data input or building custom reports.

Office Links - Microsoft Word

Instantly update fields in MS Word Documents with outputs generated from EstateMaster models to help automate corporate reporting.

EstateMaster Enterprise Database

A data management solution designed in Microsoft SQL Server where EstateMaster data can be stored in a secure database.

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