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Specialist Property Consulting

We provide Corporate Real Estate Services in conjunction with Hill PDA. We have an experienced team of land economists, urban planners, and valuers to assist you with property valuations, economic appraisals, planning services and retail economics. Our team draws on experience in the full spectrum of land uses - residential, retail, office, industrial, and hospitality. We provide advice on a diverse array of projects to government bodies at all levels, private sector corporations and institutions.

Some of the services that we provide include:


Financial Modelling and Feasibility Analysis

Our financial modelling and feasibility analysis service assists you with the assessment of investment opportunities, determining the risks and returns for a given property or when comparing different development options.

Our feasibility analysis service includes site and market appraisal, financial structuring, investment analysis, risk assessment, sensitivity testing and the assessment of joint venture alternatives. Our feasibility analysis provides you with key indicators such as development margin, internal rate of return and residual land value. We also provide sensitivity testing to determine the likely effect of changes to variables such as construction costs and revenue.

Our financial modelling service can prepare financial models for you or provide independent review of existing financial models as well as financial models for development and investment appraisal. We commence by collecting data to create the baseline financial model. Once the model is generated, we undertake sensitivity and probability analysis to determine the variability of returns depending on changes to inputs such as revenue and costs.

Our feasibility analysis and financial modelling service can be combined with our additional services such as property valuation and planning services.

Due Diligence and Peer Review

We provide due diligence advice and peer review services to assist you in assessing existing and future investments. Our experienced team can review the transaction details, property valuations and proposed financing structures. We also provide advice on options to improve the development outcomes and financial returns of the investment.

Additional Services

Property Valuation

  • Market valuations
  • Rent review
  • Mortgage security
  • Compulsory acquisition

Economic Appraisal

  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Employment assessment
  • Multiplier impacts

Planning Services

  • Social planning
  • Master Planning
  • Policy analysis and review
  • Statutory and strategic planning

Retail Economics

  • Economic Impact Assessments
  • Trade area analysis
  • Expenditure modelling
  • Demand Forecasting

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