Integrating with other systems

Building seamless integrations with your systems

In addition to developing Integration Modules, ARGUS EstateMaster has experience in integrating with other systems as well, be it for accounting, inventory, sales, leasing or other financial data.

Our development team has experience in developing with many systems such as Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Ingres and Oracle databases, as well as Salesforce CRM, and can assist with developing a custom integration between ARGUS EstateMaster and your system.

If you would like to know more how ARGUS EstateMaster can be integrated with your financial or other systems, please contact us for the latest pricing.



Integration FAQs

Does ARGUS EstateMaster have any APIs?

There are currently no API’s provided for our ARGUS EstateMaster software. You can easily read the data that is stored in the Enterprise Database; a SQL Server Database that stores all the input and cash flow data for your ARGUS EstateMaster models. We do not recommend programmatically writing data to our applications, other than entering the data manually through their own user interface.

Can ARGUS EstateMaster import data from another System?

Some of our applications already have built-in Integration Modules to provide this functionality out-of-the-box, and also have generic functions to import data from an Excel or CSV file. Alternatively, if the other system has its own API or data connectivity interface, or even if it can simply export data to Excel or CSV, then it would be most likely possible to develop a custom interface to import data from it. We do offer custom solutions and are able to create this integration for you if you don’t feel up to the task.

What data can I import into ARGUS EstateMaster?

Usually the common requirement is to import 'actuals' (costs and sales at date of payment and receipt) into the cash flow table of the Development Management software, or import leasing information from a tenancy schedule into the Investment Appraisal software. However, if there are other inputs in the ARGUS EstateMaster programs that you wish to populate automatically from other systems, let us know so we can advise on the best steps forward.

What is the typical process of developing a custom import integration with another system?

A custom integration project usually comprises the following process:

  1. Requirements Gathering: This involves the end-user identifying, via a graphical representation or mock-up, what fields (i.e input cells) are to be updated in the ARGUS EstateMaster user interface by data from the other system and providing that information to us.
  2. Data Mapping: Once it is identified what input fields need to be updated in ARGUS EstateMaster, we will work out the exact information we require from the other system to successfully map the data between the two. The end-user is then responsible (with the assistance from a Solutions/Integrations Expert for that system) for identifying which tables / fields this information needs to come from in the other system. The end result should be a preliminary document to be used as the basis for the Data Manipulation process.
  3. Data Manipulation: This involves using the data mapping document to develop read-only 'queries' of the data to get it into the format required for it to be imported into ARGUS EstateMaster. This process is usually performed by a Solutions/Integrations Expert for the particular system with guidance from the ARGUS EstateMaster team.
  4. Integration Interface: This involves us developing a user interface within the ARGUS EstateMaster software for controlling the connection between ARGUS EstateMaster and the other system and any user-definable parameters (such as Tax inclusive / exclusive options, cash / accrual options, etc). This will essentially be the part of the application that executes the data import process.

Can ARGUS EstateMaster export data to another System?

Most integrations are one-way, importing data from another system into ARGUS EstateMaster. However there may be the requirement to export calculated data (i.e. total forecasts by cost code, total cash flows by cost code, etc.) from ARGUS EstateMaster to another system, and we can achieve this by developing a custom interface between our Enterprise Database (a SQL Server Database that stores all ARGUS EstateMaster cash flow data), and the other system. This could involve directly writing data to the other system, or extracting data to a CSV / Excel file for importing by the other system.

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