Software implementation

Maximising your software investment

Our implementation services are geared towards maximising your investment in ARGUS EstateMaster. We engage our team of property experts and technical resources in a two-way knowledge transfer process with the relevant stakeholders in your organisation (acquisition, development, finance, administration) to define your business requirements and execute the setup in order to meet your objectives.


Areas we cover during implementation

Chart of accounts

Advice on the appropriate level of detail and mapping between ARGUS EstateMaster and Accounting/ERP and Sales/CRM systems with the objective of minimising inconsistencies with the codes and accounting discrepancies.

Code groupings

How to allocate cost and revenue codes to headings and also best utilise the ‘Miscellaneous’ sections to isolate costs not relating to the gross margin or to identify ‘special costs’ separately.

Preferences and rules

Helping establish corporate rules for preferences such as GST/VAT/Sales tax settings, escalations on cost and revenues, IRR/NPV and development margin calculation methods, discount rates, interest rates.

External linking

Linking external data sources, either to import existing information from Excel, or to export to Word and Excel, for example a monthly project performance report to the Board.


Advice on how to set up advance financing including profit splits, IRR look-backs, equity funding, equity partnerships, using waterfall financing and special solutions for split funding on various costs.


Advice on producing reports for monthly project performance analysis, sources and application of funding, milestone Gantt charts, custom reports and exports to other data sources.

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