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Integrating with other Business Solutions

Integration Modules are a concept within the ARGUS EstateMaster software suite where we have developed functionality to seamlessly integrate our software with other third-party applications and databases to improve business automation and efficiency.

We have currently developed the following Integration Modules:

EstateMaster Enterprise Database

This is an integration with the EstateMaster Enterprise Database, a central data management tool designed in Microsoft SQL Server that allows the user to store cash flow data created in the EstateMaster DF (Development Feasibility), DM (Development Management), IA (Investment Appraisal) and HF (Hotel Feasibility) software in a secure database. When using it in conjunction with EstateMaster CC (Corporate Consolidation), it allows users to generate consolidate and comparison reports for selected cash flows, projects or portfolios to calculate forecasted and actual investment returns including, development profit, internal rate of return and net present value and report on other report on other powerful metrics.

Available for: DFDMHFIA

Office Links - Excel

This allows the user to link DF, DM and IA with external Microsoft Excel Workbooks to fetch live data and automate files. Just like in Excel, you can use this feature to either create a formula in an EstateMaster model that is referencing an external Excel file (an ‘Incoming’ link), or you can create a formula in an external Excel file that is referencing the EstateMaster model (an ‘Outgoing’ link).

Available for: DFDM HF IA

Office Links - Word

This allows the user to update fields in Microsoft Word Documents with outputs from a DF, DM and IA file to automate reporting. This is achieved by the user selecting from a list of predefined EstateMaster outputs and linking them to a Word Document that contains the required Bookmarks.

Available for: DFDM HF IA

Accounting Systems


This provides the ability to import actual costs and revenues from accounting software into DM for cash flow management and reforecasting.

The following systems are currently integrated with EstateMaster:

 MYOB AccountRight (Premier and Live)

A business-grade accounting system for invoicing, inventory and time billing. More Info

 MYOB Exo Business

An ERP management system consisting of modules supporting Accounting, Customer relationship management (CRM), Inventory Management, Job Costing, Point of Sale Fixed Assets, Analytics and Reporting. More Info

Workbench16 Workbench

Project Management software, that includes various modules such as Contract Management, Job Costing and Forecasting. More Info

xero16  Xero

Cloud-based accounting software for all businesses, that includes includes accounts payable, accounts receivable and inventory tools. More Info

Available for: DM

Sales CRM Systems


At any point in time, the DM cash flow can be instantly updated so it has the latest data for when exchanges or anticipated sales are forecasted, settlements occur and commissions are paid for accurate sales revenue and inventory forecasting.

The following systems are currently integrated with EstateMaster:

 Presence Systems Lot Manager

A lot sales and contracts management system, built for the land development and real estate industries. More Info

propertybase16 **Coming Soon** PropertyBase

Real Estate CRM Software powered by, for Marketing and Contact Management built for Residential and Commercial Agents and Brokers. More Info

Available for: DM


An additional fee is applicable to use any of the EstateMaster Integrations Modules for any new EstateMaster licences purchased. If you are interested in any of the Integration Modules to use with your EstateMaster software, please contact us for the latest pricing.

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