Plan, manage and control your development project

Property developers of any size are faced with a number of challenges during the project pathway. These include preparing solid feasibility studies, tracking costs whilst maintaining a budget as well as staying on top of active projects whilst looking for new opportunities. The right solution for you is the one that allows you to plan, manage and control your development project.

Suitable solutions for Property Developers:
Property Development Suite
Development Feasibility
Development Management
Hotel Feasibility


Typical challenges for property developers

Project appraisal

As a developer, your schedule is tight and resources are limited. You need a simple and efficient development appraisal solution that allows you to focus on the feasibility and delivery of your project.

Arranging financing

Your business plan needs to be robust and in place to obtain bank financing or attract additional equity partners. This is key to ensure you stay competitive in the development market.

Cash flow monitoring

Tracking costs while maintaining a budget is vital. Manage and track costs and revenues of active projects from the initial land acquisition phase, right up until the end of the project.

Integrate multiple systems

Accurately track costs and revenue through integration with your accounting and sales systems to avoid double-entry of data and simplify the updating of cash flow forecasts as transactions occur.

Development life cycle

Getting status updates on active projects in the property development life cycle while prospecting new opportunities is crucial to continuously feeding your development pipeline.

Corporate level view

Being able to see your whole business including performance indicators and capital commitments for your entire portfolio and establish a viable business plan with ongoing reviews.

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