Academic students

Become industry ready with the best tools for property professionals

As an Academic Student you need to be at the forefront of the latest property tools available whilst getting formally educated. The flexibility to learn how and when you want is important for you to get ahead of your peers and understand what professional developers require from their graduates.

Suitable solutions for Academic Students:
ARGUS University Partnership Program
Student Learning Centre
PRRES International Feasibility Case Competition


Typical challenges for academic students

Understanding DCF

You've learnt the basic principles of Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) but you now need to apply them to a project no matter what the size or type. Your goal is to be a property professional and assure potential employers that you are proficient in valuation and feasibility analysis.

Learning with real scenarios

You have learnt the theory and even created a few of your own models, however its now time to see how property professionals work in the industry. Using real life case studies through your online learning will help achieve your ultimate goal to become industry ready.

Using industry software

You want to know what a real development manager does to get the job done. What do they use to do a feasibility or to manage the project costs from start to finish? You don't want to graduate with just a piece of paper, instead your challenge is to know, what others haven't told you.

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