Understand any risks to a project and make critical lending decisions

As a Financier you are continuously dealing with complex projects and funding structures. You therefore need to be able to understand the viability of development projects, key performance indicators and risks. A tool that assists with sensitivity analysis allows you to understand how much variation in cost and revenue can occur before the project ceases to be viable.

Suitable solutions for Financiers:
Development Feasibility


Typical challenges for financiers

Identifying risk

You need a tool to run sensitivity and probability testing to determine at what point a project ceases to be viable. Based on the risk analysis you are then able to decide how to best structure the loan to satisfy both parties.

Committing funding

Many financiers require pre-sales and pre-commitments before committing funding to projects to reduce risk. A clear summary of assumptions would provide transparency and a level of confidence that you would require.

Consistency and transparency

You need to base your funding decisions on a standard, consistent and transparent feasibility model so that you can easily identify the assumptions and your expected returns with confidence.

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