Accurately forecast future cash flows on your investments

As a Property Investor you find many challenges and uncertainties relating to changes in costs and revenue, leasing agreements, operating costs, and financing. All these variables impact not only on cash flow but also the financial borrowing covenants. Unexpected changes in project parameters can lead to the need for additional equity that may not be easily accessible.

As an Asset or Fund Manager your focus is on the long term investment and strategies to improve return while reducing risk. Having an accurate model of your investment, including future costs and revenues, is key to being able to improve returns and mitigate future risks.

Suitable solutions for Property Investors, Asset or Fund Managers:
Investment Appraisal


Typical challenges for property investors, asset or fund managers

Accurate investment analysis

As an investor, you require accurate financial modelling of potential investments to estimate the right purchase price to generate your required return to meet your financing requirements.

Valuing your assets

Your appraisal solution needs to be able to easily review existing investments and identify their current and predicted future value. It also needs to assist you in managing cash flow requirements and reduce risk.

Sourcing financing

When determining the optimal financing structure and calculating return on investment, you need to clearly identify whether your investment will generate sufficient cash flow to cover interest costs and distributions to investors.

Informative reporting

As an Asset/Fund Manager, you often have difficulty generating reports from disparate sources of data. Many times the reports required for management purposes are different to those required by investors and banks.

Risk management

You need a solution that easily identifies potential risks or liabilities in your investments including future incentives, capital expenditure requirements, lease options and vacancies.

Investor confidence

Having a solution that enables you to manage distributions and capital requirements for different leasing and investment strategies is important when making decisions in a competitive environment.

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