Valuers and consultants

Industry standard tools to minimise calculation risk

As a Valuer or Property Consultant, you need tools that not only provide accurate valuations and forecasts but also follow industry standards, provide a consistent approach and allow for peer review. Practices also face the challenge of managing and mitigating risk, so it is essential that principals and partners can maximise their time by being confident in the tools being used and focusing on reviewing inputs and outputs rather than the calculations within the model.

Suitable solutions for Valuers and Consultants:
Development Feasibility
Investment Appraisal
Hotel Feasibility


Typical challenges for valuers and consultants

In-house spreadsheets

Relying on in-house/custom spreadsheets for development appraisals and feasibilities is a risky activity. Spreadsheets contain calculation errors which are difficult and time consuming to validate.

Varying property types

Different assets and developments have varying degrees of complexity. Each type of property requires a different approach to analyse, which can be challenging for you to manage.

Professional indemnity

In-house models have a high-risk of error that increases when the models are shared so colleagues are not able to validate the integrity of the models they are using.

Adapting to projects

When you combine the different asset types with the complexity of different funding and partnership options it is important to be confident that you can trust the results of your financial models.

Corporate standardisation

If you don’t keep up to date with technology, then you run the risk of lagging behind advances continually being made in the real estate industry and competing practices.

Complex global valuations

Building consistent, flexible financial templates for a variety of asset types and funding arrangements is a challenge. When you combine a range of global taxes and currencies this becomes even more difficult.

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