ARGUS university partnership program

About the program

ARGUS EstateMaster is proud to announce the ARGUS University Partnership Program (AUPP), a unique package of software, services and documentation to participating educational institutions.

Our software has become an industry standard and is utilised by in excess of 1,200 companies globally and property professionals including property developers, valuers, consultants and financiers. We now find that employers are requiring their candidates have ARGUS EstateMaster experience and qualifications.

The ARGUS University Partnership Program (AUPP) will provide resources to the participating institutions to ensure their students are industry-ready.

"ARGUS EstateMaster has been involved not just in training property students at all levels for the past 3 years, but also it’s been instrumental in the process of the installation of the ARGUS EstateMaster software in computer labs for students. This gesture is considered a big help to prepare students when they enter the job market."

Dr Za Manaf | Western Sydney University | School Of Business

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Frequently asked questions

What is ARGUS EstateMaster offering

  • Free ARGUS EstateMaster Development Feasibility and Investment Appraisal Student Edition software installed in University PC labs on an annual subscription basis (with annual updates)
  • Free to students, a 90 day Development Feasibility and Investment Appraisal Student Edition software subscription for course work
  • An online student certification course with 3 month software subscription for $99 (AUD)
  • Free training to university lecturers at scheduled ARGUS EstateMaster training sessions in Development Feasibility and Investment Appraisal
  • Offer lecturers teaching resources to include in courseware

Why is ARGUS EstateMaster offering the AUPP

  • To meet the increasing demand for organisations have for industry-ready graduates.
  • To support the property industry with improved standards of education.
  • To provide lecturers with the tools to put their concepts into practical application.
  • To continue to be the market leader in setting uniform standards and creating a global language in property

What are the benefits of the AUPP

For the Students

  • Ability to graduate industry-ready
  • Exposure to real time industry case studies
  • Build on concepts taught within the lecture hall

For the University

  • Free software and support through ARGUS EstateMaster when required
  • Provide students with an industry skill set making them more employable
  • Provide industry benchmark software for all students

For the Lecturers

  • Industry standard course assessment tool
  • Provision of teaching resources where needed

For the industry

  • Reduce training costs of graduate employees
  • Provide a consistent and enforceable approach to standards across the industry and their organisation
  • Improve the standards of new graduates
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