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View ARGUS EstateMaster's online tutorials to help you better understand the benefits of the EstateMaster Software Suite, covering topics that have arisen from general user feedback and discussions on the Estate Master Linked In User Group.

Subject Video Tutorial

EstateMaster HF, and linking to DF for mixed use hotel development

This presentation demonstrates the use of Estate Master HF (Hotel Feasibility), and how you can link your HF file to DF for modelling a Mixed Use Hotel Development.


Updating EstaterMaster DM from from more than one source of Accounts

This presentation will show the various ways to import actuals into your Estate Master DM Cash Flow.


Understanding the Forecast Options in EstateMaster DM

This presentation will show how to interpret forecasts and the options to adjust them, as well as how to link that to your QS Forecasts


Profit Splits and using the IRR look back approach

This presentation shows us how to use Estate Master to calculate a Profit Split agreed above a specified IRR.


Using the Land Owner-Developer JV's in EstateMaster DF

This presentation will show how can configure a Land Owner/Developer Joint Venture using Estate Master DF's Joint Venture functionality.


The Sales Revenue Collection Profile

This presentation will cover the Sales Revenue Collection profile which is a feature often used in the Middle East and Asia. This feature is available in Estate Master DF and DM, and enables the user to model the collection of sales revenue instalments at specific milestones before Project Completion.


Investment Appraisal (IA) for Cash Flow Forecasting

This presentation goes through using Estate Master IA (Investment Appraisal) for cash flow forecasting and funding of investment opportunities.


Advanced Financing

This presentation runs through Advanced Financing techniques in Estate Master DF.


Modelling Joint Ventures in EstateMaster

This presentation will show how to set up a joint venture between a land owner and a developer. It covers how to use the loan facilities to reflect different types of joint venture arrangements.


Summary Sheet Performance Indicators

This presentation will guide you through the main Performance Indicators in the DF & DM Summary Sheet, their calculations, meanings and industry best practice.


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